How Joe Lieberman got kicked out of the Republican party too

You may have heard that Joe Lieberman may be speaking at the Republican convention tonight. Lieberman is the former Democratic Senator who lost his primary race two years ago, threw a hissy fit, then ran as an independent in the general election and won. Since that time, Lieberman has been trying to find ways to seek revenge on his Democratic colleagues (even though it was Connecticut voters who threw Lieberman out), including his latest stint as John McCain’s cheerleader.

Now, the Republicans love to pretend that they love Joe Lieberman, but they really don’t. They can’t stand Joe Lieberman. I’ve heard Bush administration officials bemoaning McCain’s relationship with Lieberman. And we finally had definitive proof of Lieberman’s GOP problem when just last week he got passed up for the vice presidency under John McCain because Lieberman is pro-choice (or that’s the reason they publicly used, but Lieberman is also anti-gun, pro- gay civil unions, and pro- stem cell research – he’s also not a Christian, a fact that doesn’t bother Democrats, we put him on our ticket in 2000, but it does matter greatly to the religious right, which controls John McCain and the Republican party). You see, no one who is pro-choice is permitted a serious position of power in the Republican party leadership. So all of Lieberman’s backstabbing over the past two years, all of his work to get a conservative Republican elected president, was for naught. Joe Lieberman was kicked out of the Democratic party for being too Republican, and now he’s been kicked out of the Republican party for being too pro-choice.

So if and when you hear Joe Lieberman speaking at the Republican convention, and you hear him, or other Republicans, or media pundits talking about how poor Joe was just too “moderate” for the Democratic party, don’t forget that he was too moderate for the Republican party – he was too moderate for John McCain – too.

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