GOP pundit tells TIME why Palin hurts McCain more than helps him

Mike Murphy, the poor soul who was caught accidentally on mic yesterday dissing McCain’s choice of Palin, weighs in further today, on the record, about why he thinks Palin is the wrong choice at the wrong time (the video got 955,000 views on YouTube in just the past day):

I think she’ll ultimately be a polarizer. After last night’s smash, Republicans are in deep love. Nothing thrills ‘em like a good “us vs. them” speech. But I’d guess that most Democrats had the opposite reaction. In a year where the Democrat generic numbers are 10+ points better than the Republican, I don’t like the math of a strategy that just polarized the election along party base lines. Among the vital sliver of voters in the middle, I think Palin’s rock solid social conservatism will be a turn off. And while voters may value vision over experience, Palin’s inexperience is a weakness, denying McCain an argument that has been helping him against Obama. It’s not a real poll and therefore should be taken with an Alaska sized boulder of salt, but the Detroit Free Press asked a few swing voters to watch Gov. Palin’s speech and then opine. You can read their reactions here:

So that’s my concern with Sarah Palin. Interesting person, bad strategic choice to win the election.

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