Can someone out there get me in touch with Eleanor Smeal?

It’s clear the Obama campaign isn’t going to touch the “rape kit” issue. It’s time for the women’s groups to do Obama’s work for him. The women’s community should be all over this issue. And I don’t mean just issuing press releases. I mean launching excoriating Web sites, holding public press conferences and protests – finding all sorts of creative ways to make this issue news, and to hold McCain’s and Palin’s feet to the fire. So, I want to talk to Eleanor Smeal, one of the feistiest human beings I have ever met. I’m going to call her office on Monday, but if anyone knows her, knows how to get a hold of her, tell her that her son’s favorite blogger, the guy who interviewed her at the CNN Grill during the Democratic Convention, wants to talk with her about blowing this issue up.

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