Why won’t Debbie Wasserman Schultz support Democrat Annette Taddeo in Florida?

This is maddening.

DavidNYC reports that leading House Democrat, Debbie Wasserman Schultz (DWS), still won’t help Annette Taddeo’s campaign. It’s ludicrous. Taddeo’s opponent is the Bush-loving, right winger Ileana Ros-Lehtinen. It’s especially galling considering DWS has a leadership role in the DCCC — and may even try to run that organization in the next cycle. So, you’d think supporting all Democrats running for Congress, especially those in her home state, wouldn’t be a tough call for DWS. But, it is. (Also, it should go without saying that supporting all Democratic House candidates should be THE main criteria for anyone in DCCC leadership.)

It’s not like DWS is lacking funds. Besides her own campaign account (where DWS is sitting on over half a million with no real opponent this year), she has a leadership PAC, Democrats Win Seats PAC (DWS PAC, get it?). Check out her list of expenditures here. She’s managed to contribute to a lot of House candidates across the country and to groups like the Ohio Democratic Party. But, she can’t help Annette? What’s up with that? If DWS wants to be a Democratic leader, DWS needs to help all Democrats — and not put her friendship with a Republican ahead of party loyalty. That’s not too complicated, is it?

Since Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz won’t help Annette Taddeo defeat a Bush rubber stamp Republican, it’s up to us. DailyKos added Annette to the list of Orange to Blue candidates, which is a tremendous boost.

Please contribute to Annette’s campaign. This is a district that can elect a Democrat. If you love South Beach or Key West, that’s the district, so help Annette. She really is amazing. See for yourself. Watch this video from Netroot Nations, then donate to a better Democrat:


Taddeo’s campaign has an FEC filing deadline tomorrow, Wednesday, at midnight. Help send the message that we want more and better Democrats in Congress by helping Annette Taddeo.

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