What’s wrong with John McCain?

Joe posted a video yesterday from Jed, showing McCain trying to answer a question from an audience member, and the video is really disturbing. From three different angles you just watch McCain get sort of totally confused. It’s like one minute he’s there and the next he’s not. McCain’s campaign would like nothing better than to demonize anyone who dares mention McCain’s age (he’s going to be 72 this month). But the fact remains that there’s a real question as to why the John McCain we knew in 2000 was vibrant and on the ball, and why John McCain circa 2008 seems prone to repeated gaffs and bouts of confusion. And let’s not forgot, McCain got tons of media attention in 2000 as well – and he wasn’t at all as “off” as he is today, so it’s not just a question of “oh, candidates make gaffs when they’re on cam 24/7” – McCain didn’t have these problems in 2000.


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39 Responses to “What’s wrong with John McCain?”

  1. LisaLV711 says:

    McWon’t needs a dictionary to debate a 5th grade dropout! Let’s keep it real.

  2. LisaLV711 says:

    Good point!

  3. LisaLV711 says:

    I’m hard pressed to believe that McCan’t is even in the neighborhood of Obama much less close in the race. Who does the media think they’re kidding?

  4. LisaLV711 says:

    I’m 50 and as long as I have been working, finding harder and harder to get up in the morning; start work at 8a, leave at 5p and am exhausted. I can’t run anywhere anymore and how McAin’t can run for President beats the Hell out of me!

  5. fredndallas says:

    While it for sure does not mean that McCain has no mental difficulties, it seems to me that what we might be seeing is a malfunction of some “feed him the answers” electronic system — ala GWB in the debates with the strange hump on his back.

    Two clues it seems to me: He seems to be fiddling with his watch and sleeve in a strange way. But most telling to me is that when he does finally “reconnect” with the thought stream it seems to have nothing whatever to do with what the reporter is repeating. She has not said enough at that point to reactivate question recall or the point. McCain just suddenly is “reconnected” (perhaps literally) and also obviously suddenly has ants in his pants to recover. He tries to interrupt the reporter several times, clearly no longer needing any restatement of the question. Could that be because his “system” is working again and he has now heard the answer?

    Perhaps all this is just wishful thinking on my part: IF he employing some electronic device to deceptively get answers from an able minded person in everyday scenes, somebody needs to figure out how to jam and expose that system AFTER the nomination is officially his. Bye bye Repugs.

  6. dad says:

    What’s wrong with John McCain?

    he’s sick and tired.

  7. gumbygirl says:

    This is totally off topic, but Aug. 4 is Obama’s birthday and also my mother’s. Aug. 29 is McCain’s birthday and also my father’s. Weird, huh?

  8. Bush_Bites says:

    He’s brain dead.

  9. gwpriester says:

    The dems should remake Hillary’s 3 AM ad using this for the visual.

  10. Dave of the Jungle says:

    McCain has been exhibiting a trend of increasingly serious cognitive dysfunction for many months.

  11. coolcatdaddy says:

    The things to look for to see if this is merely fatigue or getting “befuddled” or something more serious is something like what we see in this video – suddenly unaware of what’s going on and having to regain your thoughts – and “looping”.

    If McCain does have alzheimer’s or vascular dementia (and I think he does), watch for him in a debate or longer press conference, especially later in the day, to start “looping” what he says, saying the same thing over and over again within a short time period. With one of my relatives, you might be talking about the weather, then start taking about something else, and he’ll start talking about the weather as if he were answering a question from five minutes ago.

    If McCain were president and regularly turned in the kind of public performance seen in this video and others, staffers would probably be talking about the Constitution and lines of succession, questioning how long McCain might be competent to carry out the duties of the office.

    Again, it’s not a matter of age – everyone ages differently – but there’s something wrong with McCain’s health here. He’s changed, just in the past three or four years.

  12. smiling_dog says:

    Notice the eye-blinking of McCain in that video. That isn’t normal and I believe it’s often associated with early Alzheimer’s. Anyway, we should all be expressing “concern” about this issue instead of sitting on our asses. Obama is not yet in a position to make that accusation outright, but he can just let us do the dirty work. Hell, I think it’s actually true that the old man is losing it, but even if it wasn’t, let’s just go for it.

  13. shrrrr says:

    On several occasions, I’ve noticed his face is drooping on the left side (his left side). Imagine how he would look after, say, 100 days in office.

    There is something “wrong” with him and you can bet it’s progressive.

  14. george69 says:

    Unfortunately for the neocons, Mumbles McCentury McCain doesn’t have the intellect to be president. He lacks wisdom in every area and would need a dictionary to debate Harvard Scholar Barack Obama. Senator Barack Obama brings intelligence and love of America and the Constitution to the White House. Barack crosses all party lines (Democratic, Republican, Independent) to create one healthy America respected and loved by the world.

    A White, Male, Obama supporter & Hungry For Some PRINCIPLES!!

  15. bunnyjump says:

    McCain is the typical befuddled old man….he should be contemplating nothing more important than his next golf game or doctor appointment. He is NOT fit for POTUS.

  16. lilybart says:

    What’s wrong is that McCain has no center. He doesn’t have core beliefs. If someone asked me the viagra/bc question, I wouldn’t have to research how I voted, I would know that I would require insurance cos to cover birth control.

    He has no beliefs. Or he wouldn’t hesitate.

    Or he has beliefs but he is senile, which we can’t say out loud.

  17. ClayPotts says:

    America should not be represented by a Republican retiree with a befuddled mind and a mean streak. Nothing will make America look weaker than old man McCain spewing threats from his metastasized pie hole while shaking a crooked finger.

  18. KarenMrsLloydRichards says:

    Thanks to Cialis and Viagra–there’s nothing the matter “down there”! Just ask Cindy!

  19. heathwood says:

    I think this is all about his age and it should be. I don’t know any 70 y.o. who would be up to the task of President. Its time the ‘cold warriors’ gracefully exit the stage.

  20. larz says:

    Does anyone else see him pulling “notes” out of his sleeve? (video 2 shows it most clearly) and still, with written notes, can’t answer 2 easy questions.

  21. Ben Dover says:

    Where in the hell are OUR 527’s? Why isn’t anyone questioning McCain’s 25 years of failures, questionable and illegal activities?
    I would think that any rational person would expect that after 25 years in the Senate his ideas/policies/programs would have our United States in far, far better shape than it is. McCain is directly to blame for our present situation.
    Right now, at this moment, the filthy republicans have once again taken to the House floor and are talking about how bad the Democratic leadership is to have abandoned the American people.
    THEY have the FLOOR all to themselves and the media are lapping it up! Where is Pelosi? Where is Reid? WHY are our leaders NOT leading?
    This is NO WAY to win an election.
    WHEN will our side hit back HARD? And I mean not just a gentle tap on the shoulder, I want to see a TKO that puts the filthy republicans away for at least an entire generation.

  22. ron071 says:

    hawkseye: Don’t be too hard on Mrs. Greenspan. Remember all the good that husband Al did for our economy and left us a legacy of unchecked greed gone wild. Republicans NEVER admit their errors. The voteng public had best remember them come Nov. 4th.

    WANT MORE PAIN????? VOTE Mc CAIN !!!!!

  23. Terryco says:

    I just read all your comments, it feels nice to see some intelligence gathered in one place…I’m 51 and my mom died on July 5th of this year at 79 the mental downfall in just 3 months was stunning, it was actually a relief that she died peacefully. Six months before she’s working in her garden, happy, three months later she hardly knew me. Among so, so, so many reasons not to vote for a republican in any race whatsoever, this guy will not make it full term. Dementia sucks, but it’s a fact of life.

  24. TheOriginalLiz says:

    That there is even a chance of the GOP candidate getting elected is a clear indication of the stupidity of the American people.

  25. ron071 says:

    kayess: “Afraid” of what? The fear is that there are enough American voters out there who would consider a vote for a clear incompetent because of reasons they’d be ashamed to admit.


  26. Guest says:

    Thanks for pointing this out. She was good on the subject of Obama and the cancelled troop visitation, but now she’s back to her old ways.

  27. ron071 says:

    This election should not be c lose by any measure. The past eight years of
    Republican disasters on all fronts and the McCain embrace of these policies makes it impossible for his election. I simply summarize by stating:

    WANT MORE PAIN?????????VOTE McCAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Guest says:

    Skills vary among us oldsters.
    As I have said before, I am 72, quite intelligent, but would not be up to a long campaign for anything.
    It takes me much longer to retrieve information stored in my brain than it did just a few years ago. I used to watch Jeopardy and come up with 90% of the answers quickly and correctly. Now, I am very slow in similar situations. Can’t remember names of people, in particular, until tomorrow or next week.
    An old friend of mine who was about 14 years older passed away recently and he had a terrific memory until the day he died. But his emotional and physical states were in serious decline and had been for 20 years.
    McCain looks befuddled to me most of the time, and we know he doesn’t go to more than one speaking event and maybe a couple of fund raisers per day.
    McCain’s too damned old to be president.

  29. RenoAnne says:

    I think Cindy needs to steal him some Aricept.

  30. luvboxer says:


  31. Adrian says:

    Cindy, know the warning signs:

    If you think that you or someone else is having a stroke, don’t waste your time. Fast diagnosis and treatment increases the patient’s chances of survival and lowers the risk of permanent disability. In order to help you memorize the typical symptoms, think FAST: face, arms, speech and time.

    • Face — Does one side of the face drop when asked to smile?
    • Arms — When raising both arms, does one arm drift downward?
    • Speech — When trying to repeat a simple sentence, are the words slurred or incorrect?


  32. jeffg166 says:

    Creeping dementia.

  33. Ksue says:

    What’s wrong with him? The same types of things that are wrong with many 72-year-olds in America today. I recognize the signs of early dementia/Alzheimers, as we have several friends and a few relatives who are suffering from same.

    I am not demonizing you, kayess. I’m just saying that we need a vibrant (too skinny – LOL!) 47-year-old in the prime of life as POTUS , rather than a fading 72-year-old.

    It’s going to take a strong, healthy, vibrant, intelligent POTUS to pull this country out of the morass that GWB has created since 2000. McCain is simply not capable of the task at this point in his life.


  34. Guest says:

    “asking any question about McCain is attacking his military service”-Bob Schieffer

  35. Coming Undone says:

    The Democrats also have to make a big deal about McCain turning 72 this month because even though voters know that he is old I don’t think that it has quite sunk in that he will be 72 entering his first term.
    We also have to show that he is an old 72 and Obama is a young 47.

    When you see McCain without all of that pancake makeup he looks very bad.

  36. Adrian says:

    People can have strokes without even knowing it — they’re called mini-strokes.

    What are the statistics for having a stroke at age 72 versus having a stroke at age 47? Maybe that’s some useful info that should be out there.

  37. jcgraham77 says:

    M E D I C A L R E C O R D S
    D I M E N T I A

  38. kayess says:

    Do not demonize me…I am 70 going on 71 and I watched those 3 videos carefully and I must say that I have the same thing going on here. A two part question is hard to deal with sometimes, and if there is anything moving in the room, it tends to distract. And this man is actually in competition for President? We should be very afraid.

  39. Savage8862 says:

    Andrea Mitchell doing her continued hatchet job for the Republicans. She is blaming the Democrats for the problems with oil prices, all of Obama’s flip-flops, and how all Democrats have been eagerly blocking Republican bills.

    It amazes me how the MSM still suck up to the Republicans. I want a media that is free, honest, and does their job. Not partisan propaganda peddlers.

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