The Theocrats are in a frenzy over Palin

McCain often talks about America’s “Judeo-Christian” values, a term which The Boston Globe said “puzzles”:

Such comments may pass unnoticed by most American voters and may be reassuring to some religious Christians and Jews. They may even go over well with some secular Americans who are pleased that he is using more inclusive language than some members of the religious right.

But his repeated invocation of “Judeo-Christian values” is sure to stick in the ears of Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, and people of other non-Christian, non-Jewish faiths. And they’re sure to be asking themselves: Just what is McCain trying to tell us?

Those people, and people of the Jewish faith, better ask: What is Sarah Palin trying to tell us? The Governor of Alaska is even less inclusive. She just sticks with the Christian part. Via Political Wire, I came across this column from David Brody at Christian Broadcasting Network. As Governor, Palin declared a “Christian Heritage Week” last year. Palin wants a theocratic Alaska. If she wins, she can impose her theocracy on the nation. Brody reports the theocrats are loving this pick:

I’m telling you folks. The Evangelical base is revved up about this pick. A McCain campaign source told me that there is so much excitement from the Evangelical community about this pick that it’s making their head spin.

Following the Rove playbook on evangelicals isn’t all the maverick.

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