So Rick Warren lied, and Andrea Mitchell again is a tool

So we now know that Evangelical leader Rick Warren is a liar. Warren said that McCain was in an isolated room so that he couldn’t hear Obama’s questions. In fact, McCain wasn’t in the building at all. He hadn’t even arrived yet. That means that McCain and his staff were listening to Obama in order to prepare. McCain denies it. Well, then McCain really has lost his senses if he thinks that any politician running for office, if given the chance, wouldn’t tune into the other guy answering the same questions he’s about to get.

Oh but the most outrageous, and hysterical, outburst of the entire presidential race so far came from McCain’s spokeswoman in response to whether he listened to, or got brief on, the questions being asked of Obama:

Nicolle Wallace, a spokeswoman for Mr. McCain, said on Sunday night that Mr. McCain had not heard the broadcast of the event while in his motorcade and heard none of the questions.

“The insinuation from the Obama campaign that John McCain, a former prisoner of war, cheated is outrageous,” Ms. Wallace said.

Wow. Yes let’s talk about outrageous. Using McCain’s prisoner of war status to now claim that he can never be called on a lie? To suggest that former POWs don’t lie about anything, so don’t you dare ask them? That is simply a bizarre thing to reference, McCain’s POW days, when asked whether McCain was prepped for a debate. It feels awfully desperate. And a little bit crass too.

I’m imagining Ms. Wallace after McCain visits the dentist:

“The insinuation from the Obama campaign that John McCain, a former prisoner of war, didn’t floss daily is outrageous!”

The even bigger tool is NBC’s Andrea Mitchell, aka Mrs. Alan Greenspan, McCain supporter. Yes, when people pointed out that McCain didn’t seen to be in an isolation room, as Warren promised, that McCain’s answers were far more lucid than he normally is now capable, what did Mrs. Greenspan say? Did she say “well, maybe we need to ask Rick Warren if McCain was in an isolation room?” No, Mrs. Greenspan told millions of Americans that this was a sign that Obama must have lost the debate, because his people are so desperately trying to find a reason to explain McCain’s clarity of mind.

No, Mrs. Greenspan, we now know that the critics were right and you didn’t bother doing your job, in the process mislead millions of Americans who follow your network for “news.” And what a coincidence, you again screwed up in a way that benefited John McCain. Who could have predicted that.

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