Sarah Palin wasn’t vetted

There are reports that the McCain campaign came up with the idea to pick Palin a week ago, and then only vetted her for four days. That would explain the plethora of bad news the blogs and the corporate media have been able to find on her in such a short period of time. And now we have even more evidence that John McCain simply wung it in picking a neophyte with no national security experience as the person who may replace him as president in as little as six months. McCain didn’t even check her hometown paper to see what it had to say about her. At some point, McCain’s actions become reckless. You don’t choose a vice presidential candidate who isn’t qualified simply because she might help you pick up a few votes here and there. It’s Dan Quayle, and Harriet Miers, and Brownie all over again. And it speaks very poorly of John McCain’s first significant decision as our potentially future commander in chief.

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