Karl Rove’s crew limiting McCain’s cell phone use and time he can hang with his pals in the press

Read yesterday’s article in the New York Times about the way John McCain is now being managed by the Karl Rove proteges. It’s like McCain is some out of control adolescent and they’ve grounded him. No more cell phone. No more time with his friends.

So, the McCain campaign itself can’t trust John McCain with his own cellphone, but we’re supposed to trust him with the country? This is pretty crazy. I mean, it’s one thing for a parent to limit the use of their kids’ cellphones. The Bush/Rove operatives who are running McCain’s campaign are going to great lengths to control the behavior of their candidate. It’s like they want John McCain to become a bit player in his campaign’s operation:

Mr. Schmidt has sought to cut down on Mr. McCain’s use of his cellphone and limit the people who have regular access to Mr. McCain in an effort to keep him more focused, advisers said. He has been the impetus for an effort by Mr. McCain to limit sharply his engagements with reporters, the kind of freewheeling encounters that Mr. McCain enjoys — and that helped him charm the news media for years — but that often lead him to veer from his campaign’s message of the day.

There’s a reason. This isn’t John McCain’s campaign anymore. He turned it over to the Bush/Rove operation. They need a third term to keep Karl Rove out of jail.

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