John Edwards mentions John McCain’s adulterous affair

Get ready for the media to suddenly discover that reporting on adultery is ugly and inappropriate, now that Saint McCain’s adulterous affair with Cindy has been mentioned by a national political figure. I can’t wait for all the false outrage. This will be a lesson in how noise machines actually work – first the GOP will go crazy in order to ensure that no one talks about how McCain and Cindy cheated on his first wife, then the media will join in and tut-tut about how sad it is that anyone would attack McCain, blah blah. Get ready for it.

The flip side is that the media may decide not to mention this at all. Sure, it’s on Ben Smith’s blog, but what are the networks and the newspapers to do now that part of Edwards’ defense is John and Cindy McCain’s own adulterous affair? How does the media avoid writing about McCain’s adultery now that they’re all certainly writing about Edwards’? Oh, just watch them. And big surprise, the big AP story is in and… no mention of John McCain’s adulterous affair even though Edwards having invoked McCain now makes this news. Nothing on CNN either. Do me a favor, keep searching the news all day and let me know what networks, and what written media, do and don’t mention John McCain having cheated on his first wife, and the fact that Edwards invoked McCain’s affairs.

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