Jenna Bush’s wedding pastor rips McCain’s adultery and comments about Cindy joining stripper contest

Even better, the McCain campaign blames Jenna’s pastor’s comments on Obama (because Obama is now somehow responsible for McCain cheating on his first wife? – that’s a new one), and McCain calls these “disgraceful person attacks.” Really?

First off, it was Evangelical leader Rick Warren who seemingly alluded to McCain’s adultery in the past 24 hours, while speaking to ABC’s Jake Tapper. And it was God himself, I believe, who included the admonition against adultery in Leviticus, so unless Rick Warren and God are working on the Obama campaign and nobody told us… In any case, accusations about disgraceful personal attacks from the people who have repeatedly suggested that Obama is un-American, hates the troops, and wants America to lose a war, an accusation with vaguely racist undertones, and have injected race into their TV commercials, a point noticed by at least one mainstream national network correspondent – now that’s rich. So tell us again how pure as snow McCain is.

But to top even that, an unnamed Republican consultant says that we’d better not talk about McCain’s adulterous affair he had with Cindy while married to his wife (McCain’s first wife was in a terrible accident, physically deformed as a result, and McCain was “repulsed” by her and ended up cheating on her, then leaving her for his mistress who was rich and 17 years his junior) because then the Republicans might start talking about Rev. Wright and Tony Rezko. Are you freaking kidding me? Oh so you mean the Republicans won’t bring up Wright and Rezko, they’ll play nice, so long as we aren’t mean to McCain. How stupid do you think we are? First off, McCain already brought up Rev. Wright, so spare us the implication that he hasn’t yet. Secondly, you’ve been accusing Obama of hating his country for weeks (Joe Klein at TIME said it was so sleazy of you that it showed that McCain has a “character defect”), Dick Cheney’s former aide just had a book published with anti-Semitic undertones and racist attacks on Obama again calling him a Muslim, and now you expect us to believe that McCain and the Republicans won’t go into the gutter unless we provoke you?! And today the Republican party is bringing back the “bitter” comments. LOL These people are incredible. The gutter would be a step up for the McCain campaign at this point, and everyone in the media has noticed it and berated them for it for weeks. McCain lied about Obama’s trip to Afghanistan, he lied about Obama’s comments about fuel efficiency (and the lie is still on McCain’s home page), and the list goes on and on. McCain, the guy who hired Karl Rove’s deputy to inject some sleaze into his own lifeless campaign, is now worried about us going negative. That’s just precious.

I really think the McCain campaign has completely fallen off their rocker. It’s as if McCain is no longer running the campaign, or even aware of what his deputies are saying, it’s all just so bizarre. But the notion that the Republicans will play nice if we do – seriously, you got a bridge to sell too?

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