GALLUP: Obama gets a bounce

Obama is now up 8 over McCain 49-41%. From Gallup:

The latest Gallup Poll Daily tracking finds Barack Obama moving to an eight percentage point lead over John McCain, 49% to 41%. Obama’s significant lead over McCain almost certainly reflects the effects of the Democratic National Convention. The two presidential candidates were tied at 45% in the last Gallup Poll Daily tracking results conducted entirely before the convention began. The latest results include interviews from Tuesday through Thursday night, though most of the interviewing was conducted before Obama’s acceptance speech late Thursday.

And this batch of polling does not yet include results from last night’s speech. Gallup also acknowledges that it’s nearly impossible to find or expect the kind of post-convention bump that has been seen in years past when conventions ran earlier and there was more time between the two party conventions.

Gallup has measured the convention bounce for candidates in previous years by comparing the last poll conducted entirely before the convention began with the first poll conducted entirely after the convention concludes. That historical calculation is complicated this year by the intense media focus on McCain’s selection of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his vice presidential running mate on Friday, and the increasing focus on next week’s Republican National Convention.

The next batch of Gallup daily tracking will be interesting.

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