Cokie Roberts smears Obama again for trip to “exotic” Hawaii

What is wrong with Cokie Roberts? Yesterday on ABC, she made a fool of herself by calling Hawaii “some sort of foreign exotic place.” Roberts was mocking Obama for vacationing in one of the fifty states.

Today, on NPR, she did it again. Thanks to reader, AS, for catching this — and to Jed for putting it on YouTube:

Seriously, Cokie is an idiot — or someone who is freaked out by “exotic” people.

NOTE FROM JOHN: So what exactly is so exotic and foreign about Hawaii to Cokie Roberts anyway? The fact that the state is populated with dark-skinned people? Seriously. This is one of the 50 US states and for the second day in a row we’ve had one of the top news networks in America suggest that is it is somehow un-American for American citizens to visit Hawaii. That’s the clear intimation here, and I’d think the Senators and House member from Hawaii, not to mention the people, might have something to say about that. So once again, what does ABC seem to think that Hawaii is is some foreign exotic place? Last time I checked, Hawaiians, and lots of other Americans, made one hell of a sacrifice during World War II (it’s called Pearl Harbor, Cokie). I think it’s absolutely disgusting for us yet again to be playing this “who’s more un-American” game and dragging down an entire US state along with it.

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