Cheney aide Mary Matalin published the Corsi smear book — and Corsi is a 9/11 conspiracy theorist to boot

Dick Cheney’s former staffer, Mary Matalin, is in the private sector now. But, she’s still doing the dirty work for the GOP. Paul Waldman from Media Matters did a masterful job last night on Larry King Live debunking Jerome Corsi. But, he also exposed the right wing machine behind Corsi’s book — starting with Mary Matalin.

Yep, this book is a Matalin special. She’s still doing the GOP’s dirty work, but just from inside a publishing house instead of the White House. As Timothy Noah at Slate put it:

What the hell is Mary Matalin doing running a publishing imprint in the first place? She is a professional propagandist, a political operative who learned her craft at the feet not of Maxwell Perkins but of Lee Atwater. Truth is not what she’s about; campaigns are, and for Matalin, The Obama Nation would appear to be just another campaign.

Just another dirty, sleazy campaign move from Matalin. But, she should be so proud of her author, Jerome Corsi. It’s bad enough he writes for World Nut Daily, he’s also a 9/11 conspiracy theorist:

Among the follow-up efforts to Jerome R. Corsi’s “Unfit for Command,” which inspired the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth attacks on Senator John Kerry in 2004, is “Obama Nation.” But the conservative commentator’s book about Senator Barack Obama appears to have distracted him for another project he was planning in January: exposing what he calls the government’s lies about the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center.

A YouTube video making the rounds, especially among Obama supporters, mocks Mr. Corsi for a Jan. 29 interview on Alex Jone’s radio show, a forum for those who take a deeply skeptical view of government claims about the attacks. (Mr. Corsi also frequently talks about the “North American Union” and other threats from globalization during his appearances).

Corsi skated by in 2004 when he wrote the Kerry smear book. NOT THIS TIME.

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