ABC’s Jake Tapper: “Today’s new McCain ad… crosses a new line into dishonesty”

So basically the media is now calling John McCain an outright liar. This is news. It’s also the media actually doing their job (which Jake, among a handful of others, actually does routinely). In any case, this is bad. McCain is basically putting out ads (well, they’re not even ads, because they’re not really running them anywhere – they’re just hoping the media will show them for free, and they do) – but McCain is running ads that are just flat out lies. He did it about the BS “Obama blew off the troops in Afghanistan” lie, and he’s been doing it ever since. And now John McCain is lying about Iran, with the goal of scaring America’s Jewish community – scaring them with a lie. This from a man who doesn’t even know where Iran is on a map. John McCain should spend a little less time in his 12 homes, and shopping for $500 shoes, and a little more time studying the real threats facing America at home and abroad. Then again, how long until John McCain reminds us that he spent five years in a POW camp without 12 homes – did we mention that John McCain was a former POW? – so he apparently thinks he’s permitted to lie repeatedly about his opponent in a last ditch effort to divert attention from his upcoming 72nd birthday and his failing memory.

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