Utah Army National Guard Intelligence Officer (i.e.,. spy) reportedly authors chain email defaming Obama

UPDATE: I got a copy of what is alleged to be the email. The email is signed CPT Jeffrey S. Porter.

The entire thing was a lie, signed in this guy’s name. Obviously, someone could have faked this guy’s name in an email, but according to the NY Daily News, the guy exists, and they seem to think he wrote it. The new chain email claims, incorrectly, that Obama blew off the troops waiting to shake his hand at Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan so he could shoot hoops instead (was the alleged Intell Officer trying to imply a racist smear against Obama as well? You know those black guys and their basketballs…). In any case, the Army came out and denied the veracity of the email – Obama didn’t shoot hoops, and he did greet the troops – but screw that, where is the denial from the Intell guy? I want to see him declaring that he didn’t write the email and that it’s factually untrue. If our spy didn’t offer the anti-Obama smear, then wouldn’t you think the military would have mentioned that right at the beginning of their denial?

Just as importantly, if the author of this phony smear is an Army intelligence officer – read: a US spy – then there is some serious potential illegality with him using his professional disinformation spycraft in an attempt to influence an American election. Remember, it was just yesterday that State Department employees in Berlin were told not to dare show up at Obama’s speech, lest they appear to be weighing in on our elections. So how do you think a US spy using his spy talents to influence our elections falls under the rules?

Then again, can you blame the guy? His boss, the Pentagon chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, decided to weigh in on behalf of John McCain this past weekend on TV, so big surprise one of this underlings got the message, nudge nudge wink wink. Oh, guess what, I just googled my own blog and found that this week wasn’t the first time Joint Chiefs Chairman Mullen tried to influence the US election on behalf of John McCain. Check this out. Mullen was concerned, you may recall, about us having elections at all during a war. Uh huh. And he was especially concerned that we might have to change strategy next year in Iraq, and that such a change might not go well – again, nudge nudge wink wink – if someone else, oh I don’t know who, becomes president and doesn’t want to stick with the Bush-McCain plan for the 100 years war in Iraq. Not naming names here, but I’m guessing the guy who’s going to make all the bad changes is a fan of basketball.

More on this latest right-wing smear from the Obama campaign.

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