US and EU nearing deal on data sharing

Our forefathers must be so proud that we’ve been able to shed the unnecessary hassles of democracy and instead borrow from the Soviet Union, our new model. Besides not having a government that has shown any ability to maintain data security and the little issue of no clear ground rules for using (and abusing) this sensitive data, it’s unclear why people don’t like it. Since when was collecting personal data an issue?

The United States is negotiating deals with European countries to exchange fingerprint and DNA data in criminal and terrorist cases, and in some circumstances to transfer data on race or ethnic origin, political and religious beliefs, or sexual orientation.

Such agreements are a condition for granting citizens of newer European Union member states the right to enter the United States without visas, and for maintaining that right for older E.U. members. U.S. citizens already enjoy such a right when traveling to Europe.

“Race or ethnic origin, political and religious beliefs, or sexual orientation?” Joseph Stalin would be proud.

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