New Yorker cover shows Oval Office with Obama as tribal African, wife as afro-70s-woman with machine gun, Osama on the wall, and flag on fire

Speechless. This has been confirmed, it’s real and coming soon. (Click photo to see larger version.)

Okay, what do we do about this? I want suggestions. This is what we have to deal with in America, as Democrats. A liberal media that bends over so far backwards to be “fair” that it becomes just as bad as FOX News. A liberal publication like the New Yorker thinks it’s funny to make Mrs. Obama some radical black panther, Barack Obama basically a terrorist (you’ll note that he looks just like Osama bin Laden on the wall), and they’re even burning the American flag in the Oval Office (that’s supposed to be the White House, get it?). They put Osama bin Laden on the wall of the Oval Office. And this is funny? Is the New Yorker so out of touch that they don’t realize that much of America, or at least too much of America, harbors these very concerns about Obama and his wife? I’m sure the New Yorker thinks they’re actually poking holes in the myth by making light of the stereotypes. Yeah, and tell us how this pokes fun at the stereotype? It reinforces it. And yet again, you’d never see them try anything like this with John McCain. God forbid you even ask a question about John McCain’s experience, the media will destroy you. But paint Obama and his wife as America-hating flag-burning violent terrorists, and it’s funny. I can’t wait to hear what Mrs. Greenspan and Bob Schieffer over at NBC have to say about this. Somehow I’m betting their outrage won’t be as great as when anyone questions Saint McCain.

More from Jake Tapper at ABC:

Knowing the liberal politics of the magazine, it’s without question that the illustration is meant ironically, as a parody of the caricature some conservatives (and some supporters of Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y.) are painting of the Obamas.

But it’s still fairly incendiary, at least as these things go. I wonder what the reaction would be were it the Weekly Standard or the National Review putting such an illustration on their covers.

Intent factors into these matters, of course, but no Upper East Side liberal — no matter how superior they feel their intellect is — should assume that just because they’re mocking such ridiculousness, the illustration won’t feed into the same beast in emails and other media. It’s a recruitment poster for the right-wing.

“This is as offensive a caricature as any magazine could publish,” says a high-profile Obama supporter, “and I suspect that other Obama supporters like me are also thinking about not subscribing to or buying a magazine that trafficks in such trash.”

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