McCain just attacked Obama’s age. Dumb dumb dumb.

Wow that was dumb. McCain put out a press release today criticizing Obama for not politicizing our wounded troops. Seriously. McCain is upset that Obama did NOT want to appear to be using our wounded troops for a photo op, so after the Pentagon raised the concern that Obama’s planned visit to wounded vets in Europe might appear as just that, Obama canceled the trip. McCain, who never misses a chance to imply that Obama is un-American and hates the troops, now went a step further. He had his campaign call Obama “a young man” in a press release, clearly implying that Obama is too young to be president. Which is ironic, considering that McCain isn’t just 72 years old this summer – he’s an old 72. McCain is not your father. He’s your grandfather. And while we all love and loved our grandfathers, we don’t necessarily think they’re up to being the leader of the free world because, quite simply, 72 year olds don’t have the energy and stamina, and often the mental acuity, of 46 year olds. So it’s rather odd, and I would argue dangerous, for McCain to now say that age is a legitimate issue in this race when he’s beyond the age of most presidential candidates and Obama is smack in the middle. Not to mention, with the growing number of times of late that McCain has confused key facts regarding his signature issue, national security, you’d think McCain would be the last person to argue that age is a relevant factor in this race. But today he just did.

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