McCain is gay-baiting Obama, and it needs to stop

UPDATE: I’m not the only one who thinks McCain is gay-baiting.

I know a thing or two about gay-baiting. I’ve been working on gay civil rights issue since the early 1990s, when I helped Senator Kennedy’s office prepare for the gays in the military hearings, and legislation, in 1993. Since then, I helped Kennedy on the ENDA hearings in the mid 90s, and then moved into my own civil rights advocacy work regardings Matthew Shepard, Timothy McVeigh (the gay one), Dr. Laura, Mary Cheney, Ford, Microsoft and beyond. It’s fair to say that I have a pretty good nose for anti-gay bigotry. And McCain is trying to gay-bait Obama.

Of course, McCain isn’t stupid. As he’s surrounded himself with senior gay male advisors since at least the 1990s, McCain is usually careful about overt gay-bashing (though he did promise the religious right a few weeks ago that he’d be more publicly anti-gay, and just last week said he didn’t think gay people should be able to adopt children (he then backtracked, kind of)). Instead, McCain and his people are attempting to define Obama as “gay” by describing him as the stereotypical gay man. Yesterday, a McCain spokesman described Obama as fussy and prone to hysterics. A few days earlier, we were told that Obama was “flitting” around Europe. And before that, a GOP operative called Obama “a fancy lad.” Also, who is Obama compared to in the latest McCain ad? (An ad that independent fact-checkers say is totally false.) Two women, and kind of ditzy women at that – Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. Let’s review. A fussy, fancy lad who flits around Europe, is prone to hysteria, and reminds you of ditzy blonde chicks. Sorry, but that’s a stereotypical gay guy. And as I said, McCain knows his gay guys. He’s surrounded by them.

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