John McCain’s latest whine: The NYT tried to edit my oped!

Yes, McCain’s latest “I’m the underdog, look how mean everyone is to me” whine is that the New York Times had the audacity to suggest some edits on an op ed he submitted. McCain is saying that the request for edits shows the NYT’s, and the media’s, liberal bias against him.

The media needs to call McCain out for this kind of thing. I don’t need to explain that it’s standard practice for newspapers to ask for edits on all their content, including op eds. McCain is trying to use a lie to convince voters that he’s the underdog, and the media should be calling him out on his lie. If Barack Obama whined about being asked for edits, Mrs. Greenspan would be all over him, asking if he’s up to the challenge of being commander in chief if he can’t even handle some requested edits to an article.

So here’s the story. Obama penned an op ed for the Times, it got published, so McCain’s people asked for the Times to publish a McCain op ed too. A mere two hours after McCain submitted his draft op ed to the Times, the paper’s opinion editor wrote the campaign back and said they’d be happy to publish the piece with a few edits. That’s it. That’s what prompted McCain and his people to launch into their latest whine.

It’s a manufactured controversy. Basically, McCain is (again) lying to the American people. We’ll be waiting for Mrs. Greenspan, Bob Schieffer, and the rest of the McCain sycophants to call McCain on this lie.

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