Interview with Greek Foreign Minister Dora Bakoyannis

I’m in Greece this week attending a retreat of progressive leaders from around the world, called the Symi Symposium. It’s organized by George Papandreou, the head of the main liberal opposition party in Greece, PASOK. It’s an annual conference of around 30 progressive political leaders from around the world, including the head of Greenpeace and the president of Estonia (who personally led the economic miracle that turned the country around they left the Soviet orbit). We’ll be discussing issues ranging from the gas crisis to the Obama phenomenon. The actual meeting starts today, so nothing to report as of yet, but I hope to get some interviews on cam for you guys with several of the more interesting attendees.

In the meantime, I received an email a little over a week ago from a staffer to the Greek Foreign Minister, Dora Bakoyannis. He said that Minister Bakoyannis is a big fan of blogs and the Internet, and she was interested in meeting with me, as a prominent Greek-American blogger. After I determined that it wasn’t a joke, I of course said yes, and met with the minister this past Friday in her office in the Foreign Minister (it’s the same office, and even the same desk, my uncle John had when he was Foreign Minister, which was kind of cool from a family perspective). Anyway, we talked for about half an hour, off the record (at the Minister’s request), and then she agreed to let me ask her a few questions on camera. Below is my brief interview with her. She’s quite an interesting personality, as I’d mentioned the other day. She was the first female mayor of Athens in its entire history of 3000 or so years, and she’s the first female Greek Foreign Minister, and highest women in government in Greece ever (she’s also likely to take over the helm of the conservative party in Greece in the upcoming years). Since I only had a few minutes, I asked her about what it’s like being a woman leader in Greece, then about Iraq, and finally about Barack Obama, since he came up during our private chat earlier. Anyway, here’s my interview with her – hope it’s interesting.


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