Dem House candidate saved from fire by five year old son

Bumped, because this one is really important.

Democratic House candidate Darcy Burner (WA-08) just watched her house burn down yesterday. She and her husband were asleep when they were awakened at 7am by her screaming five-year-old son:

“Henry came into our room screaming there was a fire,” she said. “I scooped him up and got him out of the house. The fire started in his room. He did everything right.”

Goal ThermometerDarcy is an amazing candidate. She came within 3 percentage points of beating her Republican challenger in 2006, so she has a real chance at this seat, especially with the tide of new Democratic voters we’re seeing with the Obama surge. Darcy is a former Microsoft executive, current mom and community activist, and she’ll make a great addition to the US House in the fall. She even has her own 30-page responsible plan to end the Iraq war and bring our troops home. Darcy is the real deal.

Darcy needs our support now more than ever. Darcy is in a very competitive race and needs to constantly be raising money. By donating, we’re taking the pressure off so she can deal with the aftermath of the fire. Our $5,000 goal gives her a one-day respite. Please click the blue box at left (or click here) and make a donation to Darcy’s campaign. It’d be great if we can show our support for her, especially now. Thanks guys. Oh, and the fireman saved their pooch too :-) (You can check out a local news report on the fire here.)

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