AP cites Rush Limbaugh as expert on “fairness”

It’s simply bizarre. AP did a story today saying that the press is biased in favor of Obama. AP’s sources? Rush Limbaugh, and a study showing that Obama recently got more coverage – not more positive coverage, just more coverage – than McCain. Yeah, and? I’m sure when the media was debating whether Obama loved the American flag or whether his priest passed the all-important George Stephanopoulos patriotism test, Obama was mentioned a LOT more than Hillary or McCain. And this is an indication that the media is too nice to him? Who in the media fawns over Obama as much as Mrs. Greenspan and her sidekick Bob Schieffer coo over McCain? The corporate media love McCain. As David Broder wrote, it doesn’t really matter what inanity McCain utters, the media knows John McCain’s soul and they deem it good. So spare us the “it’s unfair” whine. If the media wants to talk about unfair coverage, let’s talk about the sycophantic coverage of Republicans from September 12, 2001 onwards.

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