Running for third term, McBush attacks Obama — as another Repub. mocks Obama as Jesus

This attack was from the Bush part of the duo seeking Bush’s third term:

At Laurel Manor in suburban Livonia, Bush laid out a traditional Republican attack on Democrats and, by extension, Obama, accusing them of seeking to raise taxes, support liberal judges and go wobbly on terrorism and the Iraq war.

“The Democratic Party has consistently shown they would take America in the wrong direction,” Bush told the crowd of about 325.

That’s a good one. Bush talking about the taking the country in the “wrong direction” when almost 80% of Americans think the country is heading in the wrong direction after eight years of Bush. Makes selling a third term all that much harder.

And, just when you think the GOP attacks on Obama can’t get any more bizarre, they do:

The only mention of Obama during the entire event came from Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox, who attempted a joke in which he argued that media outlets had portrayed the presumptive Democratic nominee as Jesus Christ.

“Apparently Barack Obama was born in a manger,” Cox said. “…Whether there was any room at the inn, I don’t know.”

Jesus Christ. Those Republicans really have no shame. Can you imagine any Democrat invoking Jesus to mock another candidate? It seems very un-Christ like — and I’d imagine a bad joke like that will spark outrage from James Dobson, Bill Donahue and the rest of the right wing religious types. Right?

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