McCain campaign had series of meetings, including McCain himself, with gay Republican group that supports gay marriage

Wow. While James Dobson is publicly doing McCain’s dirty work by trashing Obama’s commitment to the religious right cause, McCain is privately meeting with Dobson’s sworn enemy, the gay Republicans – a group that supports and is pushing for gay marriage. Note that once again McCain is trying to have it both ways. He’s publicly sucking up to the religious right, while he and his staff are privately holding regular meetings with the gays. But at the same time, McCain is keeping the gay meetings off his public schedule lest he appear a bit too tolerant, or catch cooties, or something. Flippity floppity goes the candidate. He’s Mr. Campaign Finance and a campaign finance criminal. He’s Mr. Clean Government and a Keating Five co-conspirator. And now Mr. Conservative is holding secret meetings with the marriage-loving gay agenda. You can bet heads are exploding in Dobson-land over this.

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