Hillary’s latest lie: I’ve won more states than Obama… if you don’t count 38 of the 50 states

The NYT today prints Hillary’s latest lie, unquestioned. This one is quite likely her biggest lie to date:

“I’ve been closing very strongly since Feb. 20,” she said, referring to the day after Mr. Obama won Hawaii and Wisconsin. “I have won more votes and won more states than Senator Obama. All the independent analyses break in my direction. A lot of the key states that we have to win, I win those states.”

Put aside for a moment the “more votes” argument, where Hillary doesn’t count 15 states (so she’s won more votes in 35 states – uh, thats nice.) Hillary is now claiming that she’s won more states than Obama. Uh, no. Not by a mile.

Obama: 33 states won

Clinton: 19 states won

(Note: some states have primaries and caucuses so the total is more than 50.)

Now, what Hillary is probably REALLY claiming is that she has won more states SINCE FEBRUARY 20. Uh, maybe. And so what? How do you magically choose February 20th as the day after which primaries and caucuses count, but any that happened before that date don’t count? How – because only after February 19 does Hillary win more states. Now how many states do you think Hillary has thrown out of her calculations because their primaries and caucuses happened before? 38 states. That’s 76% of the states not counted. Yes, Hillary’s argument is that if you throw out the results in 38 of the 50 states, then she wins more states than Obama. Here are the 38 states that Hillary now says don’t count:

Iowa caucuses
New Hampshire primary
Michigan primary
Nevada caucuses
South Carolina primary
Florida primary
Alabama primary
Alaska caucuses
Arizona primary
Arkansas primary
California primary
Colorado caucuses
Connecticut primary
Delaware primary
Georgia primary
Idaho caucuses
Illinois primary
Kansas caucuses
Massachusetts primary
Minnesota caucuses
Missouri primary
New Jersey primary
New Mexico primary
New York primary
North Dakota caucuses
Oklahoma primary
Tennessee primary
Utah primary
Louisiana primary
Nebraska caucuses
Washington caucuses
Maine caucuses
D.C. primary (not a state, but whatever)
Maryland primary
Virginia primary
Hawaii caucuses
Wisconsin primary
Ohio primary

So, under Hillary’s absurd math you only count the last 24% of the game, and ignore the first 76%. Good luck with that math in November.

“Dear Electoral College, I know I lost to John McCain by over 100 electoral votes, but if you only count the electoral votes in the following 12 states, I really won!” – Love, Hillary

UPDATE: I just tallied the 14 races held after February 20th, and in fact Hillary won 8 and Obama won 6. Yep, that’s Hillary’s huge mandate for changing the minds of the superdelegates, her 8 victories to his 6 victories. And if you count Obama’s expected wins tomorrow in South Dakota and Montana, then they’d be tied, 8-8.

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