Hillary is now rallying her major donors to help her stay in the race for a long, long time

Hillary is now trying to rally her major donors to help her stay in the race beyond this week (her campaign is talking about challenging Michigan now), and at the same time the donors are magically, on their very own (nudge nudge wink wink) demanding that Hillary stay in the race until the convention.

A Clinton donor tells me that on a conference call today with major fundraisers this afternoon, Harold Ickes told them Clinton isn’t planning to drop out. He pressed donors to stay unified, and reviewed tactical options, including challenging the Michigan delegation.

State finance committees are also circulating letters to deliver to Clinton tomorrow in New York, and I’ve obtained a draft of the Illinois finance committee’s letter, being circulated by a Clinton fundraising aide, Rafi Jafri, which stresses a fight until the convention, and a resolution in “August, and no earlier.”

They, along with Hillary, are now claiming that Hillary has the lead in the popular vote, which is a lie. I personally like Ben Smith’s take on this:

“The problem is that Clinton hasn’t won the popular vote by any accepted measure, only by the one that tilts further her way. And superdelegates show no sign of accepting her count.”

Unless the Democratic party leadership does something fast, we’re going to lose the election in November because of this hateful woman.

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