Clintons freak out over Vanity Fair article about Bill

Ben Smith has the Clintons’ entire 2,000 word memo in response to Vanity Fair’s new profile of Bill Clinton. Before I get to finish the Vanity Fair piece, and start the Clinton memo, one thing struck me as odd. The Clintons are furious that Vanity Fair’s writer is married to former Clinton spokesperson Dee Dee Myers. They seem to think that it’s an irreconcilable conflict of interest having a reporter cover the Clintons when that reporter is married to a former Clinton staffer.

So what does that make it when the reporter himself is a former Clinton staffer, like ABC’s George Stephanopoulos? Not a peep from the Clintons when they get interviewed by George. And in fact, Hillary did an hour-long campaign infomercial, I’m sorry I mean town meeting, with George just a few weeks ago.

Secondly, I would have thought the conflict of interest here, having Dee Dee as the wife of the reporter, would weigh to the Clintons’ advantage – i.e., the reporter is biased in favor of the Clintons, like George. Or is there something really bad about the relationship between Dee Dee and the Clintons that they’re not telling us?

As Joe always says, nothing but drama with these people.

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