Clinton bashes Obama, again

I’m not even going to link to the story, because candidates who have already lost the election don’t get the privilege of having us promote their slime. In a nutshell, Hillary’s campaign is yet again running around saying that since Obama lost a primary, it’s the end of the world and shows he has a serious problem.

Well, Hillary lost even more primaries and caucuses than Obama, so that must mean that she has an even more serious problem than the guy who beat her.

I’m still rather amazed by the hubris of someone who loses and then tells the guy who won, “you suck.” Well, my dear Senator Clinton, the voters decided that you suck more. (Not to mention, Hillary’s about to lose two primaries on Tuesday, so that must mean she’s doubly bad – it’s like fighting with a child.)

Not to mention, we can’t overlook the irony of a Clinton knocking other people’s popularity. We started with half the country hating Hillary, and now she’s managed to add half the Democratic party to the “hate Hillary club” as well. So, while Hillary definitely knows a thing or two about unpopularity, maybe she should clean up her own house before attacking others and doing John McCain’s dirty work.

Why does this matter? Because it’s one more effort by Hillary to hurt Obama in the fall election, and to convince her supporters that Obama isn’t worthy. Rather than uniting the party, the Clintons are doing everything they can to fan the flames and tear us all apart. It’s amazing how good the Clintons are at making people loathe them.

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