AP’s Liz Sidoti also ignores McCain’s campaign finance crimes (while slamming Obama)

This is annoying, not unexpected, but very annoying.

Parroting the conventional wisdom, AP’s Liz Sidoti wrote an “analysis” today slamming Obama’s decision to forsake public campaign financing. It’s quite sanctimonious. But guess what Ms. Sidoti failed to include? John McCain’s campaign finance criminality. You’d think that an AP reporter writing an analysis about campaign finance might mention the fact that John McCain’s illegal attempt to remove himself from the campaign finance system, after financially benefiting from it, is punishable by five years in jail. But you’d be wrong. Now, there was an AP article about McCain’s campaign finance scandal just two days ago. Someone at AP knew about it. But, the facts might interfere with Sidoti’s analysis.

What else would we expect from an “objective” reporter who recently served McCain doughnuts as she reminisced about her travels on the McCain bus? Not kidding. Read Jed’s post – and he, of course, has video.

A lot of the chattering class seem to long for the good ole’ days riding around on the Straight Talk Express. See, they really, really know John McCain. The rest of us don’t. Did you know doughnuts were his favorite treat? Or how he takes his coffee? Of course not. But, all that camaraderie makes it hard for these reporters to be objective.

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