Wait. So Hillary stayed with her husband because of religion and commitment to family, not for her career aspirations?

I always assumed she did it to further her career, which is fine with me (though other women have told me that “you should put your self-respect before a job”). She helped make him what he is, she deserves a little reciprocity. But now Hillary is saying she stayed with her husband because of her faith and her commitment to family?

In the forum Clinton shared few personal stories, including one about her and her husband trying to break open a coconut. She was also asked about how she endured “through really difficult times” in her marriage.

“I obviously was fortunate to be able to rely on and be grounded in my faith, which has been an anchor for me throughout my entire life,” she said. “I also really believe in family and believe in the importance of family, and believe that family is the core of your relations. … When you are in a difficult situation, oftentimes you feel like you just want to withdraw into yourself, and you want to just shut the world out. Now if you have to do it in front of the world, that’s a little hard to do.”

Okay. But she’s entering some dangerous territory trying to somehow get “credit” by subtly invoking Monica and her marital problems. I.e., she’s claiming that her scandals make her a better person. That opens the door to not only discussing Monica and the Clinton scandals, but it also opens the door to discussing how she handled those scandals and what her motivations were, why she stayed with her husband, etc. She can’t invoke Monica, et. al., to her credit then turn around and say that discussing Monica is off-limits. Of course, that’s exactly what she’ll do because she’ll say anything and do anything to get elected, like endorsing a GOP gas tax plan, saying she opposed NAFTA when she was really for it, and on and on and on.

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