I’ve been writing for AMERICAblog for over two years now, and during that time I have had opportunities, conversations, and interactions beyond what I could ever have dreamed when I began. I have grown as a writer, analyst, and person during that time, part of which includes my professional life. This summer in particular, I’m doing work that I’m very excited about, work that I hope will shape my personal and educational development.

Unfortunately, though, I can’t do both the job and blogging. I therefore have to take some time off from the site, and wanted to let y’all know rather than just disappearing. This isn’t a “goodbye cruel world” post, not in the slightest — I will continue to closely follow politics in general and foreign policy in particular, and I hope to return to writing about these vital issues not too long from now.

As always, I appreciate our readers, and of course John and Joe, and I know this site will continue to be a place for analysis and insight that you can’t find anywhere else. (Partly because, if all goes well, another foreign policy nerd will be stepping in shortly … stay tuned.) Thanks again, and see ya around!

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