Oliver Willis: Hillary’s “Klan-style talking points”

NOTE FROM JOHN: I’m not sure I’d have compared her language to the Klan – but then again, I’m not black, so I don’t presume to be as sensitive to the nuances of racism as I am to homophobia, for example. But, I do hear a lot of David Duke. I mean, “white Americans”? The more I think about the phrase, the more I really can’t come up with a situation in which I would ever use it. White people, sure. But white Americans? That sounds like David Duke’s phrase “European Americans.” It’s just not a phrase the non-racists use. Then again, every time Hillary moves into a new state, she picks the one right-wing issue to embrace that she thinks will help with that state. In North Carolina it was homophobia (pansy, etc.). In Pennsylvania she became Annie Oakley. And now with West Virginia, she embracing racism. It’s like Hillary’s own perverted rainbow coalition of homophobes, NRA members, and racists. I think this speaks volumes to what Hillary sees when she sees rural America, southern America,and the midwest. To her we’re all rednecks.

Blogger Oliver Willis, who is African-American, weighs in with a post titled “Hillary White Power Clinton”:

Indeed, a pattern has emerged some time ago. Boy, did we dodge a bullet.

“[W]orking, hard-working Americans, white Americans.” She really said that. Wow.

Congratulations, Hillary Clinton, you win the prize for the first Democratic Bigot Eruption since I’ve been keeping track of this. Even professional haters like Pat Buchanan and his ilk aren’t so balls-out about racism. You’ve been getting your ass handed to you and especially among black voters. This shows me once again that we – who are apparently lazy and shiftless non-Americans based on your definition – have yet again been a leading indicator.

There was maybe a slight chance Barack Obama might have been pushed to pick you as his running mate, but we can’t have someone spouting Klan-style talking points on the ticket. Heck, there’s a good shot with language like that you won’t win back your senate seat in 2012. I mean, a lot of those apparently lazy and shiftless non-American blacks helped you to win and they’d just as soon vote for someone else in the primary or the Republican in the election rather than someone echoing Bull Connor’s language.

“Working, hard working Americans, white Americans,” indeed.

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