NBC’s Chuck Todd: Even if you give Hillary FL and MI she loses

This is a huge point. Huge. Earlier today, Hillary’s people tried to argue that even if Obama reaches the 2,025 delegates he needs to become our nominee, Hillary will continue to contest the election until Florida and Michigan are seated. Yeah, only one little problem. NBC’s Chuck Todd, who is brilliant and highly respected on such things, just said that you can give Hillary Florida and Michigan – on her terms – and she still loses the nationwide delegate count and the popular vote. She still loses the nomination.

“If you threw in both Florida and Michigan, you will still look at a popular vote lead of some 150 to 200,000. If you throw in those delegates in her math you will have almost 100 delegate lead there for Obama. This was a big night because it really almost erases the doubt as far as Florida and Michigan is concerned too. You can throw those numbers in there and they really don’t change the math that much for Obama.” – Chuck Todd, NBC, May 6, 2008, 11:40PM

There is no longer any reason for Hillary to continue in this race other than a desire to destroy Obama and make him lost in the fall so she can run again in 4 years. This farce needs to be ended now.

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