Lindsey and Lieberman already breaking McCain’s new conflict of interest rules

Yesterday, there were several major developments about John McCain that got lost in the swirling drama surrounding Hillary Clinton. How many times has that happened already? And, she wants to drag this nomination battle out til the convention. There are people in the Democratic party who can stop this madness. They better do it soon.

This is yet another great find from Nico and Sam at Huffington Post:

Two of Sen. John McCain’s top campaign chairmen are serving on the board of an independent organization that is behind a new attack ad against Sen. Barack Obama, an apparent violation of the Arizona Republican’s new conflict of interest policy.

Sens. Joseph Lieberman and Lindsey Graham both hold chairs for the McCain camp as well as positions on the board of advisers of Vets for Freedom, an advocacy group that supports the Iraq war.

A week ago these titles may not have been a political issue. But under McCain’s newly-implemented ethics policy, Lieberman and Graham’s role with Vets for Freedom is now proving problematic.

According to the policy: “No person with a McCain Campaign title or position may participate in a 527 or other independent entity that makes public communications that support or oppose any presidential candidate.”

On Friday, Vets for Freedom, an independent group, did just that. In a commercial released on its website, the organization directly took on Obama over his willingness to negotiate with Iranian leadership.

This is a big deal. We’ll see if McCain stands by his new policy or sticks with his pals who violated the policy already. Given McCain’s hypocrisy, my guess is he sticks with the pals who violated the policy.

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