It’s time for her to go

“Her only way to win is to bring it to the convention…. I think she is signaling… that it is all out scorched earth war”- Rachel Maddow, May 6, 2008

Goal ThermometerOh but don’t tell Hillary that. She’s on TV right now saying that she’s staying in race. She’s not leaving, she says, until Florida ad Michigan are counted. That’s code for contesting the nomination at the convention. She’s now claiming that she won Indiana – and that’s not at all clear. She’s begging for donations so that she can stay in the race and continue to maim Obama. Her plan is obvious. She wants to so hurt Obama that he loses in the fall, that way she can run again in 2012 against President McCain, the man she’s about to put into office. She is out of control.

Enough already.

I can’t think of a better way to tell Hillary that it’s over, that she has lost, that she is now simply doing harm to our nominee and our party, than to make a big fat donation to Barack Obama for President. Click the blue box to the left and make your secure donation to Senator Obama.

Remember how after Pennsylvania Hillary claimed to have raised millions, and she and the media used that to “prove” that somehow Pennsylvania “changed everything”? Well, nothing changed. And tonight, Hillary is reeling after having lost North Carolina in a rout (that’s ABC’s word), and all the pundits are saying that she is in big trouble after not being able to win Indiana by a landslide.

Neither Hillary nor her husband give a damn about the Democratic party. They’ve threatened to defund our effort to keep control of the US House. Her ongoing temper tantrum of a race is literally hurting every congressional candidate we have. They can’t raise money. They can’t get staff. Even the DNC admitted that the never-ending nomination is hurting their fundraising, money they need to take on John McCain. It’s time to send Hillary a message. Donate to Barack Obama now.

You can donate up to $2,300 for Obama’s primary race, and then another $2,300 for his general election race (and don’t laugh, someone donated $2300 to Scott Kleeb today via our site). Every dime you give goes to the candidate – neither ActBlue nor AMERICAblog takes a dime. And your donation, and your credit card, is totally safe – ActBlue has been around for years. I’ve set a lofty goal of raising $10,000.

This woman is insane. No one is going to stop her unless we do it ourselves with our own pocketbooks and our political pressure (more on that later). Let’s see how large a message we can send to Hillary. Tell Hillary you’ve had it with the Clinton lies, the Clinton scandals, the Clinton egomania, and the Clinton triangulation that always ends up screwing the Democrats in Congress and key Democratic constituencies that suddenly get thrown under the Clinton bus of convenience. Give to Obama now. This has to end, now.

Thanks guys. JOHN

PS Our favorite cowboy, Scott Kleeb, is well over $7,000 now. Please consider helping his campaign out as well. You can read more about that, and donate, here.

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