In all fairness to McCain, maybe English grammar was different in the 1920s

He’s lost his mind. McCain’s now trying to claim that he didn’t tell voters yesterday that we have drawn down to pre-surge troop levels in Iraq. He’s now trying to claim that he said we’re DRAWING down, i.e., still in the process, not there yet. But of course, that’s not what he said. It’s on film. Everyone has seen it. ThinkProgress walks you through it again. It’s just downright bizarre that McCain keeps denying that he said what he said. We have video. Bush and Cheney and company tried this for years, and got away with it. They constantly lied about the facts and figured no one would be the wiser. But people finally wisened up. And they don’t accept blatant lies any longer. We have not gotten down to pre-surge troops levels – we’re not even close. And now McCain is arguing “verb tenses” as an excuse – my, Grandpa, what Clintonian teeth you have. Whether McCain is lying or simply doesn’t understand the facts in Iraq, for him to now deny that he said what he said, well, when we have the video, it’s just kind of creepy and sad.

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