Hillary reportedly using McCain and Huckabee supporters to beef up numbers at DNC protest this weekend

One of the “grassroots organizers” of Hillary’s fake protest this weekend at the DNC rules committee meeting (the one deciding what to do with FL and MI), just sent this email out to a lot of the wrong people in DC:

We have Fantastic News!

As you know, our efforts to present a unified front this weekend on Sat, May 31 at the DNC meeting has proven to be quite successful…in fact, we have now an approximate 10,000 marchers. The marchers will be coming from across the country and they aren’t just Clinton supporters. For a unified showing will be Obama, McCain, Clinton and even a few Huckabee supporters who will rally together in Washington DC.

How did a grass roots group of politically inexperienced organizers get an overwhelming response of thousands of supporters…supporters that cross partisan lines for the unified message: All Voices Heard, All Votes Matter?

Anyone still working for Hillary should be ashamed of themselves.

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