Florida motions and debate underway is decided by the Rules Committee

First, here’s some background on the members of the Rules and By-Laws Committee.

On Florida, there are going to be two motions. The first motion, offered by Clinton supporter Alice Huffman, was to give Florida its full vote and seat the delegation in full. It’s pretty clear this motion won’t pass. This motion failed by a vote of 15 – 12.

There are a couple people in the crowd chanting “Denver, Denver.”

UPDATE 6:42 p.m.: The second motion, offered by Ralph Dawson, follows the proposal presented by DNC Member Jon Ausman: 1) all pledged delegates are restored but can only cast 1/2 vote; 2) all pledged delegates shall be allocated along this ratio: Clinton will receive 52.5, Edwards 6.5, and Obama 33.5. Unpledged delegates can cast 1/2 vote. Clinton supporter Alice Huffman supports this motion and stresses unity.

Alice shut down the hecklers. And, even, Harold Ickes is on board with this one.

And, having been at the Marriott for most of the day, there really weren’t that many protesters there. It was a very small crowd considering all the hype.

This motion passed by a margin of 27 – 0. It’s unanimous.

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