Finance Director of Democratic congressional campaign: Hillary is destroying us

I received this email last night from a reader who is also the finance director for a Democratic congressional campaign. While the letter below is anonymous, I know the name of the author and the candidate they work for – this is for real.


I got home tonight from my job as finance director for a top-tier Democratic Congressional challenger and read your post regarding the negative impact of Hillary’s staying in the race upon our Congressional candidates’ fundraising. I can say definitively that what you wrote is absolutely true. My candidate speaks every day to donors who tell him directly that they’re more focused on the Presidential right now, or that they’re tapped out because they’ve given so much to the Presidential. Or simply, as you say, because they’re just pissed off about the Presidential.

And that’s not even counting those who simply don’t return our calls, or blow the candidate off when we do get them on the phone. We’ll never know how many of those people would have been max-out donors to us, but are simply too involved in (or turned off by) the Presidential race to give a damn about someone who’s running for a House seat.

We had a good 1st Quarter anyway, but I don’t think we can continue to reach our fundraising targets unless this thing gets settled, and quickly. For her to wait until June is a nightmare that may well guarantee that not only my guy, but dozens and dozens of other challengers will come up badly short of their goals for the 2nd Quarter. And my candidate is in the very top level of targeted races. I can only imagine what the lower tiers of challengers are facing (well, no, actually I’ve heard from some of them, including the finance chair for a candidate in the Midwest to whom I spoke today).

We need her to drop out now, not only for the sake of our real Presidential nominee winning in November, but so that the rest of us can finally have a fighting chance with donors.

Thanks for all you do.

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