Clinton, who AP calls a “deluded also-ran,” now says West Virginia is the next test to prove she’s more electable than Obama. That’s deluded.

Today, the Associated Press explained the state of the Democratic race for President:

Nonetheless, Tuesday’s results drastically reshaped the dynamic of the campaign, positioning Obama as the all-but-certain nominee and casting Clinton as a dogged but deluded also-ran.

It’s true, but as a “deluded also-ran,” she’s not stopping. She’s not. All the superdelegates and DC insiders may think she’s going to stop undermining our nominee, but she’s not. According to The Page, “West Virginia is a Test.” Hillary only takes the tests she can win — and uses them to make Obama look bad.

And, why the hell is Bill Clinton still out there stirring things up? Of course, he’s on the same message about West Virginia per a campaign fundraising email I just got:

Our next test is just five days away in West Virginia. Hillary needs your help right now to keep winning.

Okay, she’s not winning. She’s lost. The Clintons are really starting to look pathetic — and they’re starting to appear bitter, like sore losers do.

It is deluded to make “electability” THE issue, when the candidate making electability THE issue is losing the election.

Make this stop.

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