Biden hits back against Lieberman smears

In response to Joe Lieberman’s risible Wall Street Journal op-ed attack on Senator Obama, Senator Biden hits back, hard and directly, against the mendacity and foolishness of the Bush/McCain/Lieberman worldview. The whole thing is an exceptional rebuke of failed policy and underhanded politics, and it’s worth a full read. The closing point, though, is this:

The Bush-McCain saber rattling is the most self-defeating policy imaginable. It achieves nothing. But it forces Iranians who despise the regime to rally behind their leaders. And it spurs instability in the Middle East, which adds to the price of oil, with the proceeds going right from American wallets into Tehran’s pockets.

The worst nightmare for a regime that thrives on tension with America is an America ready, willing and able to engage. Since when has talking removed the word “no” from our vocabulary?

It’s amazing how little faith George Bush, Joe Lieberman and John McCain have in themselves – and in America.

It’s nice to see some Democratic push-back against Lieberman, too. He has the potential to be a real problem in the fall, and it’s important to start making sure people know his foreign policy views are completely and utterly bankrupt long before then.

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