About moving all those undeclared superdelegates

Today, Elise at DailyKos launches a plan aimed at moving Connecticut’s undecided superdelegates — so we can wrap this thing up:

TrueBlueCT has a diary up about a CT super delegate who is rumored to be leaning towards Hillary Clinton.

Well, I’ve got a bit of a project that I’d like to start that’s related to this. I would like for us to go – state by state – and convince the remaining undecided super delegates to support Barack Obama. In order to do this, I will need your help. I didn’t necessarily plan on having CT go first, but since the rumor is that Olson may be leaning, let’s start with CT and go from there!

The rumor from Elise is apparently true. Olson is going to support Clinton. Meanwhile, it looks like Obama has picked up five today, including Joe Andrew who abandoned his support for Clinton to endorse Obama. You should read his letter to superdelegates.

Elise is also really onto something and she’s already set up a one-stop shop for info. about Connecticut’s superdelegates. We need to do this in every state and end this farce now – no matter who you’re for, Obama won the nomination two months ago. It’s over, and time to heal our wounds and move on to challenging John McCain.

This week, I emailed the Chair of the DC Democratic State Committee, Anita Bonds, who is listed as an uncommitted superdelegate. We want to do an interview with her for AMERICAblog. I want to know when she’ll decide who to support and what factors will influence her decision. No response yet. So, Ms. Bonds, if you read AMERICAblog (or if anyone who knows her reads the blog), please get in touch.

It is probably a good idea for every activist to know who runs their state party. And, it’s good for the state party/DNC types to know the activists. They need to hear what real Democrats think, not be swayed by the party insiders or the pundits. We cannot let the pundits and their obsession with fabricated distractions dictate who our nominee is.

2008 Democratic Convention Watch is doing amazing work keeping on track of the superdelegates. Here’s their list of supers who haven’t endorsed yet. What are they waiting for? Jed wrote a post earlier this week titled “Superdelegates to blame for enabling destructive campaign.” Maybe the superdelegates need some intervention. If you get any superdelegate scoops. let us know.

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