While we were paying for Iraq, bailouts for Wall Street and tax cuts…

The US infrastructure has continued to crumble. It’s unfortunate, but the Democrats let the Republicans get away with their craziness. The “Credit Card Republicans” (as John’s friend Brett calls them) received their war in Iraq where billions would rain down on friends and disappear to foes. They blew the budget because the richest Americans all needed the tax cut that no one outside of the GOP thought was a good idea. More recently they grabbed wads of cash and just threw it at Wall Street – no strings attached – rewarding them for gambling with our future like Bill Bennett in Vegas.

Meanwhile in the real world, the US infrastructure is falling apart. It’s no surprise to Congress but they’re too busy giving more money to the credit card Republicans who just spend and spend on their projects, forgetting about the massive needs at home. Costs for upgrading US water pipelines vary from a low of $277 billion up to $480 billion, if we act today. The longer we wait, the more expensive it becomes and the more critical it becomes. As Congress is deciding what to do about our current financial crisis brought on by the free spending GOP, maybe starting the re-building process at home ought to be part of that plan.

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