Murtha on McCain: Too Old to be President

It takes one to know one, I suppose. Representative John Murtha (D-PA) told the AFL-CIO’s Building Trades National Legislative Conference today that being President is “no old man’s job:”

Murtha is 75, four years older than McCain. He says they are nearly the same age, and the rigors and stress of running the country is too much for guys their age.

Murtha’s backing Clinton and made the comments while introducing her to the union audience. The AP says the Clinton campaign is backing away from the age remarks:

Clinton spokesman Mo Elleithee said Clinton “considers Senator McCain a friend, and she respects him. But it’s not his age she has a problem with, its his ideas for the future.”

It’s no mystery I believe age is a very real issue, and if Democrats aren’t willing to go there now, they absolutely should come the general.

UPDATE: Reading the first few comments, I realize I should clarify. I suppose I don’t mean to suggest Democrats should state the obvious and point out how old McCain is. I agree that’s sticky ground and won’t get you anywhere. However, I do think the Democratic nominee’s campaign shouldn’t hesitate to address McCain’s antiquated views and old-fashioned perspectives. And if evidence of McCain’s weariness due to age does pop up along the campaign trail, I don’t think the media should ignore it. I’d want to know whether or not a potential President is physically up to the task.

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