Does anyone really think Obama doesn’t love America?

And if they do, why are we stooping to cater to them?


This is the most ridiculous “theme” I’ve seen perpetuated yet – and that’s saying a lot considering some of the madness that keeps coming up in this primary race. Yes, a man who hates America (he doesn’t wear a pin! where’s his right hand?) is putting it all on the line to lead this country in what may be one of the most difficult times in modern history. He would inherit all shades of mess, and yet he wants to front the nation even though/because he hates it! Really?

Stop pandering to the insanity! It’s a stupid stupid thing to say. Don’t give it credence and maybe it will finally go away. Good rule of thumb. If you think it’s absurd…it probably is. The end of the write actually makes the right point:

“There may be some people who question his patriotism,” said Ed Treacy, “but he’s never going to get their vote anyway.”

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