America selling grandma’s dishes to pay for gas & debt

One could definitely argue that Americans collect much too much compared to people in other wealthy countries but still, this is yet another troubling sign. Again, when are the damned Democrats going to join forces with the overwhelming majority of Americans and kick Wall Street’s ass for the bailout? It may have been something exceptional but any time you change the terms, well, you change the damned terms. Wall Street received their bailout, so let’s tell Wall Street how their financial free-for-all is going to change. You are Congress so start acting like it.

“This is not about downsizing. It’s about needing gas money,” said Nancy Baughman, founder of eBizAuctions, an online auction service she runs out of her garage in Raleigh, N.C. One former affluent customer is now unemployed and had to unload Hermes leather jackets and Versace jeans and silk shirts.

At Craigslist, which has become a kind of online flea market for the world, the number of for-sale listings has soared 70 percent since last July. In March, the number of listings more than doubled to almost 15 million from the year-ago period.

Craigslist CEO Jeff Buckmaster acknowledged the increasing popularity of selling all sort of items on the Web, but said the rate of growth is “moving above the usual trend line.” He said he was amazed at the desperate tone in some ads.

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