So is Hillary opposed to screening cargo for nukes?

Hillary is, as you know, bashing Obama for being “too liberal.” Forget for a moment that Hillary is now parroting the Republican’s number one blood libel they throw at Democrats, let’s look for a moment at why Hillary is calling Obama liberal. She’s doing it because of a National Journal “study” released a while back. The study purports to look at whose the most “liberal” member of Congress. And in the Senate, they found that Obama was the most liberal. So, I decided to look at National Journal’s study and check out some examples of what makes a member of Congress liberal. You’re going to love this. (Note that it’s not clear which way you have to swing on this legislation to be “liberal,” but either way, these things have nothing to do with being liberal or conservative):

Legislation that makes you a “liberal” according to the National Journal (and apparently Hillary):

Establish a Senate Office of Public Integrity to handle ethics complaints against senators. (So now ethics is liberal?)

Table an amendment that would require the Homeland Security Department to screen 100 percent of cargo containers entering the country within five years. (Is screening for Osama’s nukes liberal or conservative?)

Approve the fiscal 2008 budget resolution.

Create a national action plan for reducing oil consumption by 35 percent by 2030. (Bush has advocated decreasing our dependence on foreign oil.)

Limit debate on an energy bill setting higher fuel standards for vehicles. (John Dingell, Democrat, is the lead member of Congress opposed to this.)

Increase financial aid for college students and reduce subsidies for student-loan lenders. (Student aid is liberal?)

Approve legislation reauthorizing and expanding the State Children’s Health Insurance Program. (This legislation was bipartisan and I seem to recall Hillary saying she created this program (which is a lie)).

Approve fiscal 2008 appropriations for the Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education departments.

Limit debate on a measure expressing no confidence in Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. (That’s partisan, not liberal.)

Block individuals from serving on Food and Drug Administration drug advisory panels if they have conflicts of interest. (Again, ethics is liberal?)

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