Religious right drops Ford boycott, claiming victory 2 years after they lost

The religious right activist group, American Family Association, usually claims “victory” when they need to finish a boycott that they already lost. You’ll recall that two years ago we beat the AFA when they pressured Ford to back away from its support for equal rights. It took about 2 weeks. Since that time, AFA continued its boycott, issuing press releases claiming credit for the downturn in the US auto industry, etc. And now they finally had to save face and end the boycott somehow, so they’re trying to say that Ford has backed away from advertising in the gay media. Uh, no. Ford said that it’s had to cut back on all of its advertising and charitable giving because of the company’s financial situation. Note how AP, of course, gives no mention of the fact that the boycott was a total failure two years ago. (Background on the Ford battle. Joe.My.God. also has more.)

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